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All about the Course

A course designed for those looking for an action-packed week jammed full of exciting and adventurous activities! For BOYS & GIRLS looking to compete in team sport games, sharpen their skills, and tryout some outdoor activities that you wouldn’t normally get to do at school. You’re going to need high energy, but there are always some activities that stimulate problem-solving and times of rest to make sure your’e recharged for the next fun activity.

The base for the Adrenaline Adventure course is always the Sports Hall. If there a large number of Adrenaline Adventure attendees we divide them into two separate age groups for most activities (7 – 9yrs and 10-12yrs).

Example Adrenaline Adventure Timetable

* Use only as a guide. Timetables change depending on venue, facilities available and weather. Adrenaline Adventurers will also go swimming everyday where the venue has a swimming pool. All children have the choice of completing a width test to demonstrate their ability to swim in the deep end of the pool. Otherwise they remain in the shallow end.

Let’s hear from the Adrenaline Adventurers…

Meet Sunitra!

One half of the Adrenaline Adventurers. Sunitra is a keen basketballer and gets to play this during morning drop off and during her free time at lunch.  She has now found she has a good eye for Archery, something she’d never got to do before. She even hit Bullseye and popped some balloons to bring the win home for her green team!

“Every morning I join my friends in the sports hall for a quick game of Crocodile basketball… a game I’ll definitely be taking home with me! I love going swimming everyday and had my first go at water polo. I counted over 30 different activities I’ve thrown myself into this week…it’s GREAT!”

 Meet Chaz!

This cool dude loves getting his adrenaline pumping in a game of Nerf Warfare, and showing his friends tricks on his skate board. As a returner to School’s Out he leads his coloured team, shows new teammates the ropes, and the best way to win at Kin-Ball.

“I can’t get enough of School’s Out….I make sure I put everything into the activities, because I know at lunch time I get to relax, eat my lunch in the sun on the picnic tables, and then chill out playing some arcade games on a massive screen! I can’t wait to see the tournament results at the end of the week to see if my green team came out on top!”

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