Becoming a Course Leader is a truly rewarding role. You get to deliver a full timetable of exciting activities to different children everyday. You become a role model for the children in your group, while personally benefiting from the experience to develop you in your career. 

Choose your Course to Lead

Deliver a fun week of play, paint, create, perform, sing, build, and explore… all to aid children in their early years of development!

Desirable Skills: Early years specialists & Primary Education Trained. Nursery workers and play leaders. Basic arts & crafts, cooking, performance & games leader

Deliver an action-packed week jammed full of 30+ team, sporting and adventurous activities!

Desirable Skills: Sports Leaders, Coaches, background in PE. Driven, proactive and confident. Strong sports hall and behaviour management, leadership,  and sports knowledge.

Energise children to indulge in their creative side. Direct stage performances and lead cooking sessions!

Desirable Skills: Dance Instructor, handy at arts & crafts, cooking skills, games leader, choreography etc. 

We are looking for any of the below:

  • University undergraduate students who have the skills and confidence to teach and coach children. Who are willing to work in their long Easter and Summer holidays when they are not studying…maybe even some Half Terms throughout their Degree course! Who want to return year-on-year throughout their studying.
  • People who want a career working with children or in sports.  Offering aspiring teachers, sports coaches and dance instructors real hands-on experience working with children, and the chance to gain managerial experience such as curriculum delivery, activity instruction and staff management, all so important for your career progression.
  • Qualified Teachers and Self-employed Coaches who want to work in their School Holidays.
  • Any person, sixth formers and college students who have the confidence and skills to stand-up in front of children and be responsible of their well-being and delivering a fun and safe experience while at camp.

Working Times

DAYS: In a normal five day week you will work from Monday – Friday (because of some Bank Holidays we do also operate a 4 day week, in which case your pay is pro-rated).

TIMES: The week is split between members of staff to cover Early Bird & Extended Fun session throughout the week (see the rota below to see how it is broken down).

You will work:

  • 3 x Days when you do not cover Early Birds or Extended Fun your working hours are: 8:45am – 5:10pm
  • 2 x  Early Bird sessions (Always a Monday and one other day. Arrive 7:45am)
  • 2 x  Extended Fun sessions (Always Friday and one other day. Depart 6pm)


Course Leaders are paid in line with age and experience. The minimum you will be paid for your age bracket is outlined below, yet if you have qualifications (Teacher, Coach, Instructor etc.) or years of experience working for School’s Out Activities over various holidays then you can slide up the pay scale:

17 yrs old = £40 per day (£200 per week)

18 – 20 yrs old = £54 per day (£270 per week)

21 – 24 yrs old = £68 per day (£340 per week)

25 yrs old + = £72 per day (£360 per week)