School’s Out Activities has designed four fun-filled and action-packed courses to cater for all ages and interests. Timetables of activities have been developed over 15 years of experience, and they are constantly evolving to remain fresh and exciting for the current generation. Click on each course icon to find out more…

Early Explorers

(4 – 6 yrs)

A course designed to aid in the development of children in their Early Years of learning. A syllabus designed by Primary School teachers and Early Years Specialists for our youngest children at camp.

Creative | Active | Explorative

Creative Crew

(7 – 12 yrs)

A course for Girls & Boys wanting to indulge in their creative side. Learn the latest dance moves to top charts, perform on stage, bake delicious treats and make new friends.

Perform | Design | Chill

Adrenaline Adventure

(7 – 12 yrs)

Looking for an action-packed week jammed full of exciting and adventurous activities? For BOYS & GIRLS looking to compete in team sport games, sharpen their skills, and tryout some outdoor activities that you wouldn’t normally get to do at school.

Sports | Adventurous | Games

Next Generation

(13 – 16 yrs)

A course designed to develop the next generation of Camp Leaders. Developing a child’s confidence, self-esteem and provide them valuable work experience that can benefit them in all walks of life.

Learn | Develop | Lead

Activities on Offer

Age Specific

Our courses are differentiated and designed for all age groups. The activities and staff to child ratios are specific for each course. Generally, we aim to keep children in their age appropriate course, although we do understand that children can mature at different stages and therefore can accommodate this where necessary.

Changing Course

When booking, the website automatically calculates your child’s age from their date of birth and offers the eligible course(s) for you to select. Thus you will have to book your child into the correct age-specific course. If you are unsure on whether this is the correct course for your child, firstly we suggest you give it a try on the first day. Speak to the Course Leader at registration and they can assess throughout the day whether your child is more suitable at a different age group if you wish for us to do this. We can then happily move them making sure to communicate this move with you.

Alternatively, if you feel strongly your child will enjoy another course then please do get in touch with us. We can change the course your child is booked on to before they arrive at camp. For instance:

  • Your child may have a good friend in another age group
  • Some 7-year-olds are ready to make the change from Early Explorer to Adrenaline Adventure or Creative Crew, but some need a bit longer. You know your children much better than we do – so we’ll let you decide. We can always move them up (or back down) during the week.
  • Some 12-year-olds may have matured beyond the Adrenaline Adventure and may be best suited to the Next Generation course, and vice versa.

Have a look at the timetables online. Maybe have a chat with your child. We are here for any further advice you may need.

Choice for 7 – 12 year olds

7-12 year olds are particularly lucky as both boys and girls have a choice of two courses. For example, you can book your child into Adrenaline Adventure on some dates, check out, and then go back and start a new booking for some Creative Crew dates. That way they can give both courses a try.