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All about the Course

A course designed to aid in the development of children in their Early Years of learning. A syllabus designed by Primary School teachers and Early Years Specialists for our youngest children at camp.

We are Ofsted Early Years registered which means we accept all school-going 4 year olds (child must be 5 by the end of the current academic year – 31st August).

We choose the most appropriate learning environments for this age group in all of our venues. Always with good nearby toilet facilities, in a secure and safe environment, and nearby open sports fields and any soft play areas the school may have. We utlise resources to inspire learning and development and offer a Key Leader for all Early Years children.

Children get to explore:

Nature  |  Creating  |  Dancing  |  Cooking  |  Drawing  |  Building  |  Painting  |  Listening  |  Learning  |  Developing

Example Early Explorers Timetable

* Use only as a guide. Timetables change depending on venue, weather and themed weeks. Early Explorers will also go swimming everyday where the venue has a swimming pool. This age group is restricted to a roped-off shallow end and must be taller than the shallowest point of the swimming pool to swim.

** The end-of-week show typically kicks off at 4pm and lasts for 30 minutes on the last day of every camp event (mostly Fridays but sometimes Thursdays if a four day week). Parents, friends and family are advised to arrive by 3:55pm to get seated in the theatre.

Let’s hear from the Early Explorers

Meet Frances!

She’s one half of the Early Explorers characters! Even as a four year old, Frances is made to feel welcome at Camp, makes new friends and tries out new experiences!

“I arrive everyday full of energy and ready to meet new friends. I love the nature trails and finding out about bugs, and my favourite creature… Butterflies! I can’t wait to show off our animal inspired dance in front of Mum and Dad in the show!”

Meet Drake!

He’s an Early Explorer and likes nothing more than exploring new activities and gaining new skills.

“I’ve been an Early Explorer for two years now, and I’ve loved the different themes each school holiday. Pirates week was my favourite…a week full of games, treasure hunts, and making parrot cookies and a telescope craft which I got to take home to show off to my parents!”

Themed Weeks

To make sure the experience is different throughout the year we provide a different theme each school holiday week (i.e. Halloween in October Half term, and Spring in Easter Holidays). We base our art & craft activities, songs, dances, cooking, stories and games all around the theme. Click on the image below to take a closer look at our amazing themes!

The week always culminates in a themed show performance on the Friday afternoon, with a chance to perform on stage in front of Mum, Dad, friends and family!

Check out our video for more info

See more pictures from camp

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