We want to give you complete peace of mind when booking with School’s Out Activities. As soon as you make a booking your child’s place is accounted for, staff are allocated and activity resources purchased. Yet we understand that childcare plans can change or illness and injury can get in the way of the fun at camp.

That is why we have devised our new and improved BOOKING PROTECTION COVER (BPC). Complete peace of mind for bookers so you know if plans change then you can get a full refund of your course fees, subject to terms and conditions!


Choose to add BPC on to your booking once you have selected your dates and £5 will be added for every day you have chosen for each child in your booking.

Terms and Conditions

  • Booking Protection Cover can only be added at the time of making a booking. It cannot be added on retrospectively.
  • It is charged at £5 per day per child. If you choose to add BPC on to your booking it will automatically be added on to all days within your booking, you cannot add it on to some days and not others.
  • If editing a booking and adding days on, BPC can only be added to the days added on.
  • If amending days with BPC, the BPC will be carried through to the new selection of days.
  • If your child is excluded from camp following our Behaviour Policy, no claim can be submitted for any missed days or exclusion periods. BPC is void in the event of lost days through behaviour.
  • All cancellation requests must be made via the online BPC claim form. We reserve the right to refuse any claim made via any channel that is not the correct claim form.
  • If your claim is successful, we will refund the course fees for the days you have claimed for. BPC costs will not be refunded.
  • When completing the claim form it will ask you for what method you wish to be reimbursed. If returning childcare vouchers or GOV.UK tax-free childcare funds, the relevant reference details and method need to be provided. Without this information, we can only provide credit notes.
  • Siblings/friends of the injured or ill child on the same booking and also with BPC will also be refunded in full if they cancel the same days as their brother/sister/friend. Without BPC on their booking, no refund will be issued.

Week-long Bookings

  • You may cancel part of your booking, but you will lose your week-long discount if cancelling any day from within a week. The remaining days will be charged at the daily rate. Your refund will be calculated from the new balance once days have been removed, i.e. no refund will be due if you cancel one day from within a 5-day week booking as this is a free day. You will only receive a refund if two or more days are cancelled within a week. 

Quibble-Free Full Cover

  • Our enhanced Booking Protection Cover provides full cover against any cancellation, completely quibble-free! Any curtailment prior to camp commencing is fully covered, along with any cancellation during camp due to illness, injury or any other reason.
  • We no longer require to see Doctor’s notes for illness cancellations.
  • Any missed days should be made up later in the event, subject to availability. Where not possible, you can claim a pro-rata refund or camp credit note, less the BPC premium.
  • Any claim must be made within four weeks of the last date of the camp event by the completion of our online BPC claim form.

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