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All about the Course

A course designed to develop the Next Generation of Camp Leaders. Once children mature into teenagers, their wants and confidences change in life. That is why we have designed this course to help develop a child’s confidence, self-esteem and provide them valuable work experience that can benefit them in all walks of life. Become part of a team of like-minded students and learn all what it takes to become a Leader on one of our courses.


Choose the course to assist on

Students are able to pick which course they want to assist on when making a booking:

If students are more suited to looking after younger children and enjoy team games, arts & crafts and messy play (sand, water, play dough and more) then make sure to select the Early Explorers course. Check out the course page here

If dance, drama, and arts & craft take their fancy then make sure to choose to assist on our Creative Crew course. Also help out with delicious baking in the cooking room and choreograph dances for the end-of-week show. Check out the course page here

If sports and adventurous activities are their thing then helping out on the Adrenaline Adventure course based in the sports hall would be the course for them. Check out the course page here

5 Levels to Leadership

On their first day each member of the Next Generation course receives a working journal which is theirs to keep and use through the duration of their time spent on the course. We personalise each journal with a profile picture of the Next Generation member in their uniform, a great memory from their time spent at camp. A dedicated Mentor and Course Leaders will assist in the completion of the journal and the daily tasks inside, along with providing feedback along the way.

The journal contains:

  • Intro and Overview to the course
  • 5 progressive levels of learning (OBSERVE > QUESTION > APPLY > IMPROVE > LEAD).
  • The expectations and learning outcomes for the child at each level as they progress through the course.
  • 5 exciting and varied tasks for each level (1 task to be completed each day).
  • A certificate at the end of each level which is signed off by their Mentor.
  • A final section where we will place a graduation photo of the Next Generation once the course is completed.

How the 25 Tasks can be completed

We have designed the course so that it is flexible around your school holiday needs. A Next Generation student can complete the tasks as and when they attend at camp. So it doesn’t matter if they are booked on for individual days or come for the whole week (Mon – Fri), the course can be completed in their own time.

Let’s hear what the students have to say…

Meet Aleo!

She’s a new member of the Next Generation team! Aleo came to camp as an attendee up to the age of 12, and now she’s turned 13 she returns to assist on her favourite course, Adrenaline Adventure. Aleo wants to be a leader of the future and is gaining valuable experience for her personal development plan at school!

“I loved coming to School’s Out as a kid, but found myself growing out of the activities, so this Next Generation course is perfect for me. I am treated like a member of staff, so take the role really seriously. I’m learning so much, I think I want to be a sports coach when I grow up, and I’ll make sure I’ll be using my whistle I was given as a reward!”

Meet Brad!

He’s 16 years old and has been working his way through the Next Generation 5 Levels to Leadership course for the past two years. He’s a valuable member of the team, so much so he is lined up for a job when he turns 17!

“I love coming to camp at every opportunity, I’ve learnt so much from the leaders that I’ve shadowed and my mentor at camp gives me great feedback at the end of each day. I am now confident enough to run my own dodgeball activity for a small group of children. It’s great to put this experience down on my CV to use in my future career, I want to become a Primary School teacher! But first I can’t wait to be given my first paid job at School’s Out and wear the blue t-shirt uniform!”

Example Next Generation Timetable

*Use only as a guide. Timetables change depending on venue, weather and themed weeks. Swimming only available at venues with a pool.


We know how children love rewards for their learning. So each student will be given a reward after the completion of each level.  The rewards are designed to help them in their development as a leader.

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Check out our video for more info

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