Before coming to camp, you’ll need to complete the online booking process which should have highlighted any additional needs, allergies, medical details or other things in general we need to be aware of. We require as much information as possible, so please ensure you tell us about all the important safety and welfare information about your child and make sure you’ve given us the correct emergency contact details. Please read through all of the sections below to ensure your child is suitably prepared for our School Holiday camps. If you’re not sure then pack it anyway. We have plenty of storage space.

Further Reading

Check your Booking under MY BOOKINGS

For further information about your booking you can login to your account on the website and view each event booking and the children assigned to it. Please re-check all the booking details making sure you’ve booked your children onto the correct venue, dates and course.

If you’ve got any booking questions please email: and include your booking reference number when corresponding.


You can edit and amend any of your chosen dates for any of your events you have booked right from the “MY BOOKINGS” hub, all for FREE! You can:

  • ADD or CHANGE any Days, Early Bird and Extended Fun sessions to your booking.
  • You can change what course your child is booked on to (if they are between 7-12 years then they can choose between Adrenaline Adventure and Creative Crew)
  • You can edit your booking right up until the day BEFORE your child is due to attend. We will get notification of the change and amend the registers accordingly.
  • You cannot amend any dates in the past or on the present day. If you want to add on for the current day then phone the Camp Manager and they will add them on manually.
  • You can only amend dates within the same event booking. I.e. dates can only be moved within an Easter Holiday booking and cannot be carried over to the Summer booking.
  • Your new selection must be of the same or higher value than your existing booking. 

Log in and hit the EDIT button to amend your booking by clicking here: 



Please check the address for your venue of choice for the venues page found here:

Follow the main entrance for your venue (or alternative if specified). There will be School’s Out signs on site telling you where to park, and then directing you where to go for your course’s registration desk.



For those early-starters School’s Out is be open at 8:00am. We give your children a choice of activities to do in the morning to keep them occupied and make sure they are integrated in fun games. Meanwhile you can still get to work on time! 

All Early Birds are dropped off at the SPORTS HALL no matter what course they are booked on (follow signs while at venue). 

Cost: £3 per day or £12 for the whole week.  Don’t worry if you haven’t advance booked, you can add and pay online OR simply add and pay at morning registration.


With Normal Drop Off you can register your child anytime between 9am – 9:30am (but not before, as this will incur a £3 Early Bird fee). Please make sure you arrive before 9.30am so we can register your child in time for activities. If you know you are going to be later than 9:30am then please telephone your Camp Manager so they can make plans to let you in to the school and take your child to their group. Drop off takes place at each course reception so make sure to follow signs for your child’s course. At morning registration we can sort out any extra Early Bird/Extended Fun bookings, payments and any medical/additional needs. Make sure to remember your Booking Reference number (i.e 324) as you will need this as your password to safely collect your child in the afternoon. Alternatively provide this password to another authorised person to collect your child.


Every child needs to bring with them everyday a full packed lunch in suitable storage container along with a named refillable drinks bottle. Also enough for a snack at break. Please ensure NO NUTS are packed as we have a “no nuts at camp” policy. 

If you are looking to pick your children up earlier than the normal collection time, we advise doing this during lunchtime for all courses. Please advise course leader at morning registration if you wish to pick your child up early.


Collect your child each day from their course area. Children will be let out at 4:30pm, but no earlier as end-of-day checks needs to be completed. At morning registration please advise your Course Leader of who will be collecting your children. All children will be signed out by their course leader upon collection by an authorised person.  Make sure to remember your Booking Reference number (i.e 3241) as you will need this as your password to safely collect your child in the afternoon. Alternatively provide this password to another authorised person to collect your child.

If you do not collect your child by 5:00pm then we will add them to our Extended Fun register and they will be taken to the sports hall with all other children. We will make a phone call and £3 will be charged for the Extended Fun session.


For those parents working late and children who want that little bit more excitement at camp we have Extended Fun sessions. Children come together in the sports hall where extra structured activities will take place. We will keep your children busy and happy until you can collect them up until 6:00pm from the sports hall. 

All Extended Fun children are picked up from the SPORTS HALL no matter what course they are booked on (follow signs while at venue). 
Cost: £3 per day or £12 for the whole week.  Don’t worry if you haven’t advance booked, you can add and pay online, simply add and pay at morning registration or if booking for that evening during the day then please phone your Camp Manager who will add them on to the register.



If on an occasion you do not feel you can pick your child up by 6:00pm then please telephone the Camp Manager immediately to make plans to stay with your child. As two members of staff have to stay behind and the School has to remain open beyond their agreed time, there is a fee charged in this event and you will be given an invoice card with the fee to be paid.

FEE = £10 every 15 minutes over 6:00pm.

i.e Collecting at 6:16pm would incur a £20 charge.



To ensure your children are safe at camp you or your authorised person will need your collection password along with the full name of your child for our staff to release your child out of our care. Your collection password is your Booking Reference Number for your booking. You can either:

  1. Ask for this at Morning Registration for you to write down
  2. Find the booking reference number in your booking confirmation email
  3. Sign on to our account online and find your booking under MY BOOKINGS

Make sure to pass this password on to your authorised person if it is not you collecting your children.


If your School’s Out venue has the use of the on-site heated swimming pool then we aim to get every child swimming everyday. We have lifeguards on duty at all times, and roped off shallow-ends for non-swimmers and all Early Explorers.  *You can find out if your venue has a swimming pool on the venues pages.

  • Please bring fresh swimming kit everyday in a bag labelled with your child’s name. 
  • This must include a costume and a towel, but swimming hats, arm bands, goggles, and flip flops can be added if you want to. 
  • If your child is not a competent swimmer then ensure they are provided with a suitable floatation device, i.e. arm bands, jacket, belt, woggle etc. 
  • Children with long hair please bring a swimming hat or a hair band to tie back long hair.
  • If your child does not want to swim then we will provide an alternative activity for them poolside or they can join in with another group.
  • Our swimming policy is that any child must be tall enough to touch the bottom of the shallow end to be allowed to swim. 
  • It is up to the lifeguards discretion as to whether any child is safe to swim.
  • Outdoors pools may not be in use during adverse weather conditions.



Want to speak to somebody at the venue your child is attending during Camp hours or pass a message on to your child….then take one of our handy Contact Cards from the registration desk or simply store the correct details in your device (we recommend you do this so the details are to hand) from the Contact Us page:                  



If you have any balance remaining on your booking there are various ways you can pay.

1) Pay online via Debit/Credit Card

Check out your booking under My Bookings and hit the PAY REMAINING BALANCE BY CARD button to check out with any card at no extra cost.

2) Online Bank Transfer

Simply register our account details with your online banking system and include your booking reference number:

Account Name: School’s Out Activities Ltd

Sort Code: 52-30-31

Account Number: 45626383

Reference Number: …..

3) Cash at Morning Registration

Bring with you the correct amount of cash and hand over to Course Leader. This will be recorded and marked off the registers, and your booking marked as confirmed. 

4) Childcare Vouchers: 

School’s Out Activities can receive Childcare Voucher payments from all providers. For more information on how to complete this please click here:



If you wish to print out an invoice of any booking you have made you can do this easily at anytime under your “MY BOOKINGS” area. Simply hit “Print Invoice” button next to the booking you wish to print. 



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We look forward to welcoming you to Camp!

Many thanks,

School’s Out Team