Don’t worry if your plans change due to illness, work or holiday commitments… you can reschedule your booking right up until the day before your booking starts, completely FREE-OF-CHARGE!


We understand that the unexpected can happen and you may need reschedule your booking dates. We allow you to do this for free right from your “My Bookings” area!  Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your account on the website
  • Hit the “My Bookings” button (or follow this link:
  • Find the booking you wish to reschedule and hit the EDIT button
  • You can then reschedule any Days, Early Birds and Extended Fun sessions to any other dates in the future
  • You can only move dates to other dates within the same holiday period (i.e. Summer Bookings can only be moved to other Summer Dates. You cannot move Summer Bookings to Easter dates for example).
  • When editing your booking the new booking must be of the same or higher value than your previous booking. You cannot reduce the cost of your booking (in line with our cancellation policy).
  • If you remove one day from a whole week (Mon – Fri) booking you will be charged to move this to another day as you receive 1 day free when booking a whole week!
  • Any Early Bird and Extended Fun sessions booked can be swapped as they are of the same value.
  • If you are wanting a refund on any part of your booking you must have selected Booking Protection Cover from your initial booking to receive this.

Once finished you simply save your booking and we receive notification of the change so we can update our registers if you make the change during the Camp week. It’s as simple as that… a flexible service for School’s Out Customers!