Looking for an action-filled week packed full of exciting, high-energy activities? BOYS & GIRLS, compete in team sports, sharpen your problem-solving skills and try outdoor activities you wouldn’t get to do at school. The base for the Adrenaline Adventure course is always the Sports Hall. If there are a large number of Adrenaline Adventure attendees, you’ll be divided into two separate age groups for most activities (7-9yrs and 10-12yrs).

Team Tournaments

Join forces with friends to become part of a team competing in team sports throughout the week:

  • Orange Tigers
  • Blue Wolves
  • Green Buffalos
  • Red Rhinos
  • White Bears
  • Black Panthers

Whether you’re popping team balloons in archery or scoring for your team in corner football or uni-hoc, you’ll be making long-lasting friendships!