If you have a question about School's Out Activities, our day camps, our venues, ways to pay or anything else, you'll probably find the answer here. If not, please get in touch.

What do you do with lost property?

Lost property will remain on camp until the last day.

If it has still not been claimed after the last day of camp, it will be donated to East Anglian Childrens Hospice.

Do you have any spaces for the dates I require?

You can easily check live up-to-date spaces available for each course at each venue by heading to the Book Now section. You don’t have to commit to any dates, but the system will let you know if there are 5 spaces or less available for any day. We do monitor the amount of spaces sold, and if we can place more members of staff for those dates that have sold out, we typically open more spaces the nearer we get to the start date of camp. Please do check back to see if your date becomes available.

Cooking – do we need to bring anything?

We know our children at camp love to get in the kitchen and cook up some tasty treats. Typically the days we cook are as follows:

  • Creative Crew every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Early Explorers every Wednesday

– If your child has special dietary requirements do let us know on the booking. We do try to accommodate as best we can yet if you have suitable ingredients you can bring from home (dairy-free chocolate etc.) then please do speak to our leaders at registration and they will let you know what is needed.

– Children love to bring home their tasty treats to share with family. We supply plastic food bags to take home in, but if you have a spare empty Tupperware container you can pack in your child’s bag on the days of cooking this can help bring them home in their best state!

End-of-week Show?

Every week culminates in an end-of-week show performed by the Creative Crew and Early Explorers. This will always be the last day of the week, so typically a Friday, but during Easter because of Easter Friday, this takes place on a Thursday.

Due to the current government guidelines we are filming all dance productions and uploading them to our Facebook pages, so please check the week after every camp for the videos. We hope to be able to return to in person performances soon!

Timetables – do you publish these?

We only publish ‘a typical day at camp’ timetable for our four different day camps which give you a taster of the fun in store at camp.

Our exact timetables will depend on the weather, availability of facilities and our premium roaming equipment. If we were to publish exact timetables this could lead to disappointment if somebody books a certain day to do archery for example, and it ends up raining all day, we cannot complete this activity and instead would look to complete this the next available day. This would then have a knock-on effect on other planned activities later on in the week, so we constantly revise the daily timetable to deliver the best experience. We believe in our experienced and qualified activity instructors to always deliver the best activities in line with the group, weather conditions and theme of the week!

Rest assured that we have devised over 100+ fun-filled activities to deliver at camp and we always aim to provide at least one premium activity each day, backed up with active team games, crafts, dances, cooking, painting, the list goes on!

Can I pay via Student Finance – Childcare Grant Payment Service?

Simple answer, YES! Complete your booking online, making sure to select “OTHER METHOD” at checkout and then Student Finance from the dropdown selection.

You will need to pay us 15% of your total booking balance (ideally through Bank Transfer once you have calculated the amount) before your child attends our camps. 

Then head over to your student finance online portal to link your children to our setting  (Found here:  Once the week is complete we claim for the days booked which will trigger an email alert to you, you just have to approve the claim, and the grant service will make payment to us for the remaining 85% of your booking. Once received we can mark your booking full paid.

You will need our registration details to find us:

Bury St. Edmunds – CCG3783485

Ipswich – CCG8779799

Woodbridge – CCG2276576

Colchester – CCG9989282

Felixstowe Registration Number – CCG2385386

Shenfield Registration Number – CCG3255347

Can my child be in the same group as their friend / sibling?

As long as the children are in the same age group then this is not a problem. If you add their friend’s name to your booking notes we can make sure they are in the same coloured group in each day camp.
If they are slightly different ages (say one 6 year old and one 7 year old) then on occasions we can have flexibility for children to move up and down age groups to be with their friend/sibling. This will depend on their suitability, on a case-by-case basis. Speak to your Camp Manager and an assessment at camp can be made. We never want to set a child up to fail so we only after a suitable assessment can we make this decision.

Can I split a week long booking across multiple weeks?

When you book a whole week (Mon – Fri) you are automatically given 20% off your whole booking price as we like to promote coming to camp for a whole week for the best experience and it is also easier for staff if children are in for a whole week. If you are looking to edit your booking and split those days across multiple weeks you do lose your 20% discount from the week-long booking. This is the same for any booking protection cover claims. You will not be refunded if only one day is missed in a week-long booking as this is part of your 20% off discount.

What are your Ofsted registration details?

We are Ofsted Early Years registered at all of our venues meaning we can accept all school-going 4-16yr olds.

If you require our registration details for any forms you are completing you can find these below:

  • Ipswich High School – EY551272 (Approved 14/09/2017)
  • Colchester Royal Grammer School – EY548121 (Approved 12/07/2017)
  • Woodbridge School – EY556142 (Approved 26/01/2018)
  • South Lee School – EY2593837 (Approved 20/05/2020)
  • Felixstowe School – 2726195 (Approved 24/02/2023)
  • Shenfield High School – 2744202 (Approved 20/07/2023)
What if my child has medical requirements?

There is an opportunity to tell us any medical information when making your booking. There is also a form that can be printed and completed if you require the first aider at camp to administer medication to your child. We must have all of your Doctor’s details on the form. Any medicine brought to camp must be in date and with a valid prescription if prescribed by a GP. Please bring in a sealed bag/container with the child’s name on it. This must be handed to the Camp Manager with the administer medication forms signed to provide us with permission to administer the medicine. Upon collection, the form must be signed by yourself to acknowledge the schedule of medication administered.

To discuss your child’s medical information and their suitability to attend camp please telephone 07535058005.

Do you take children with SEN?

We have many success stories with children with special educational needs benefiting from attending our camps. If a child requires one-to-one care at school our policy is that they will also need to arrive with a suitably qualified and DBS-checked carer to assist with their time at camp. When making your booking there are sections to detail your child’s needs that will be given to their camp leaders and camp manager for them to be prepared for your child’s stay with us. There is a further form that is offered which can be printed and further details can be completed and handed over at first-morning registration.

Any questions regarding the suitability of our camps for your child please call our SENCo on 07535058005.

Do my children need to be toilet trained?

Our policy is that all children need to be toilet trained to attend days at camp. We understand that accidents can happen and our staff are on hand to assist with any situation. Yet our ratios of staff to children do not allow regular intimate care of children.

Do you do a sibling discount?

We do not currently offer a sibling discount. This is something we are looking to introduce next year once we have the website ready to receive this new feature. We do however have our week-long booking discount where you get 5 days for the price of 4! (Saving £35!)

Can I insure against illness and cancellation?

Yes, if you want to insure your places you can add Booking Protection Cover (BPC) to your booking at the time of making it. The booking system will ask you if you want to add it or not. It costs £5 per day per child you add it on to. You have to add it on to every child and all dates within your booking. It cannot be added in retrospect after you have made your booking.

With BPC added to your booking, in the event of missing any days at camp through illness or cancellation, you can apply for a refund or camp credit for the days you have missed (refund will not include BPC payment).

How much does it cost to come for a whole week?

We offer a week-long booking discount if you book a whole week from Monday to Friday. You get 20% off your total price for the week. The same goes for Early Bird and Extended Fun sessions.

The website will automatically load this discount when selecting all week during booking so no need to enter any coupon code.

How much does it cost to come per day?

We now operate a variable pricing model, where each day of camp is charged differently. Price will be determined by the day of the week, demand, venue, and activities offered (venues with a pool typically cost more as the cost to heat a swimming pool has drastically increased). Price will also increase the closer we get to the start date of camp events, to reward customers who book and pay earlier. The earlier we know the amount of children on roll, the more time we have to plan staffing required and resources to purchase!

Individual days will start from only £35 per day. These will typically be Fridays as these are the least popular across the week.
Other days will range from £35-£45 per day.
You will be able to see how much each day is when you go to make your booking, and your Cart will be updated accordingly when you add dates and products into it.

If you want to add on Early Bird (8-9am) drop off and/or Extended Fun (5-6pm) collection this is an extra £5.

Do you have a tuck shop on camp?

We provide a School’s Out Tuck shop every day at our venues which have a selection of child-friendly snacks on offer for a small price. If your child wants to purchase from the tuck shop we suggest no more than £1- £2 change is needed. If in Early Explorers please provide this in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the front. This can be handed to your leaders at registration for safekeeping. If in older groups, you are also welcome to pack this in a sealed envelope, otherwise this can be securely packed in their bag. *If your child has any food allergies we ask these to be provided on the booking and any food items cleared with staff before being sold via the tuck shop.

Can I pack nuts in lunchboxes?

We have a strict NO NUTS policy at camp, including all chocolates and spreads that contain nuts.

My child is allergic to certain food types, what should I do?

When making a booking you can list the items your child is allergic to so our Camp Leaders have this information. We can make necessary arrangements during lunchtimes and break-times to ensure your child does not come into contact with any food items they may be allergic to.

What drinks will be made available?

Please pack a refillable drinks bottle for your child. We have drinking water fountains and taps on site for them to regularly refill from. If you need a water bottle we sell personalised water bottles at reception, just ask.

Do I need to bring a packed lunch?

Yes, we do not offer catering facilities on site so a full packed lunch is required for every child every day. Please pack enough for break times and to cover longer days if using Early Bird and Extended Fun sessions.

What if we are running late and collecting after 6pm?

If on an occasion you do not feel you can pick your child up by 6:00 pm then please telephone the Camp Manager immediately to make plans to stay with your child. As two members of staff have to stay behind and the School has to remain open beyond their agreed time, there is a fee charged in this event and you will be expected to pay the fee using cash or card before leaving the site. FEE = £10 every 15 minutes over 6:00pm. i.e Collecting at 6:16pm would incur a £20 charge.

When can we collect?
  • Normal collection time anytime between 4:30-5pm at the signposted areas
  • Extended Fun anytime between 5-6pm if you need to collect at a later time

Extended Fun can be added for £5 per session when making or editing a booking, or phone your Camp Manager on the day to have your child added to this register.

When can we drop off?
  • Normal drop off time anytime between 9-9:30am at the signposted areas
  • Early Bird anytime between 8-9am if you need to drop off earlier

Early Bird can be added for £5 per session when making or editing a booking, or simply turn up and pay at morning registration.

Do you do half days?

We only offer full days to ensure consistent numbers of children at camp for staffing levels. You are welcome to book the full day and only take up a half day option, picking up or dropping off at lunchtime (12:30-1:30pm).

How can I contact School’s Out Activities?

It’s easy to get in contact with School’s Out Activities. You can email, phone or text anytime, 7 days a week. If you can’t get hold of us, leave a voicemail and we shall get right back to you. If you need to send anything into us (like a cheque or childcare tax credit forms) then feel free to use the address below.


General Enquiries:

Staffing Enquiries:


General Enquiries: 07377 383909

SENCo Enquiries: 07535058005

Staffing Enquiries: 07538766373

Head Office: 07766 220075


Oakholt, Norwich Road, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk  IP6 0PP

Can I work for School’s Out Activities?

You’ve come to the right place…we pride ourselves on offering the most rewarding, exciting and well-paid School Holiday jobs. We help aspiring Teachers and Coaches gain valuable experience working with children, while providing leadership and managerial experience to established Teachers. Even if you are just looking for your first taste of work experience, if you’ve got the right attitude and skills… we want to hear from you!

You can read more here.

How do I pay for a camp?

School’s Out Activities makes booking and payment as flexible as possible for all customers. We accept various forms of payment methods to make it as easy to book with us.

Choose between two ways to pay:

Pay now via Debit/Credit Card

Book your children’s places and pay there and then online to finalise and secure your places at camp. Nothing else more to do. Simply pay securely via Debit/Credit Card with our secure Worldpay gateway, all at no extra cost!

Pay Later

Book your children’s place and pay later via your chosen method from either Childcare Vouchers, Tax-Free Childcare,  Online Bank Transfer (e.g. via internet banking) or simply bring cash with you to camp to clear your balance. You can even sign back into your account at any point and pay any remaining balance with your Debit/Credit card right from the My Account area. Any combination of these can be used if making part payments to create your own structured payment plan! Simply ensure all payments carry your booking reference and ensure all outstanding payments are paid and cleared in time before the commencement of the course to ensure your places are finalised.

1) Childcare Vouchers & Tax-Free Childcare:

School’s Out Activities can receive Childcare Voucher payments from all voucher providers and the new Gov.UK Tax-Free Childcare scheme. Simply log on to your voucher provider and search for our business name, postcode, or Ofsted registration number to find our account. Click here for more information on Childcare Vouchers.

2) Online Bank Transfer:

Simply register our account details with your online banking system and include your booking reference number when making a transfer payment:

Account Name: School’s Out Activities Ltd

Sort Code: 60-83-71

Account Number: 80042681

Reference Number: Your booking reference no.


If paying from a foreign bank account you will also need the following details to complete your transaction:


IBAN: GB48SRLG60837180042681

3) Cash at your first morning registration:

You can pay any remaining balance by handing over the correct amount of cash at morning registration. The full amount must be paid in the morning before we can accept children at camp. This flexible method is handy for those last minutes late additions. If you forget your cash at any point we do have back up card terminals to accept any card payment.

4) Debit/Credit card anytime from My Account area:

If you have any remaining balance to your booking then you can pay the full remaining balance anytime.