Save money on the cost of your childcare with School’s Out Activities by paying with childcare vouchers! Save over 20% on N.I. and Tax from your wages by using a childcare voucher provider!

Who can benefit from childcare vouchers?

Anybody who is currently in a childcare voucher scheme can benefit from childcare vouchers, no matter what job and company you work for! The government has now introduced a childcare scheme for everybody to benefit from, whereby they will pay 20% towards the cost of your childcare if you deposit 80% into their childcare plans.

Otherwise, your employer may already be subscribed to one of the many childcare voucher providers, and the good news is School’s Out is registered with all of them. If yours isn’t listed below then simply email in and we will register with your provider. As we are Ofsted registered we can register with any provider!

How to make payment to School’s Out Activities from your childcare voucher provider:

  • In order to make payment via your childcare voucher provider, first you will have to make a booking on our website for all the events, children and dates you wish.
  • Complete your basket making sure to select Other Method. Then choose your voucher provider from the drop down list.
  • You will be given a reservation email including all of your Booking Reference numbers for each event you book. These are the reference numbers you will need to attach to your childcare voucher payment so we can correlate your payment with your booking.
  • You now need to log into your childcare voucher provider and search for School’s Out Activities as a childcare provider.
  • There are several ways you can find us depending on what childcare voucher provider you subscribe to. Some will require our registration number, others will allow you to search by business name. Some may want the postcode or Ofsted number of the venue you have booked. In this case, check out our venues page for this info.

Voucher Registration numbers

Apple Childcare: CA00009594
BusyBees: EY548121 / CO3 3ND
Care4: 97082585
ComputerShare: 0024569103
Co-Op Flexible Benefits: 85115885
Edenred: P21132447
Fedilliti Vouchers: SCH117CRG
RG Childcare: Colchester (21419617946) Woodbridge (55305038057) Ipswich (02119030665)
Sodexo: 876556 with postcode IP6 0PP

If you cannot find us on your childcare voucher provider or have a new provider we are not registered with yet then do not hesitate to contact us at

Student Finance – Childcare Grant Payment Service

Ipswich – Registration number: CCG8779799

Woodbridge – Registration number: CCG2276576

Colchester – Registration Number: CCG9989282


Helpful Hint! You can use childcare voucher payments as part payments for your School’s Out total bill. Thus, you can send £400 one month, and once your vouchers have replenished you can send another £400 the next month for instance!

Importantly, do not send any voucher payments to the school. When searching your provider for payment to School’s Out Activities, make sure to select the account listed as “School’s Out Activities at…” the venue. Please do not send voucher payments direct to the school organisation as they are separate entities and this will not be considered as payment for your booking.

If you still have a question, check out our handy Childcare Voucher FAQs page.