Everything you need to know about our day camps and venues, including the latest news, what to bring, camp times and contact info.

Latest news

Please check back to this page nearer the start of camp for any last-minute changes.

  • Ice Cream Van : The amazing vintage ice cream van is back. With a choice of flavours suitable for various dietary requirements,  the ice-cream van will be heading to Ipswich every Wednesday during the Summer, apart from Week 1 which will arrive on Thirsday 21st July. £2.50 per ice cream if you want your child to have one!
  • Swimming: Will be available for everyday during Summer Camp!
  • Lunchboxes: Please pack a full packed lunch every day in a suitable container.
  • End-of-Week Show: We will be attempting to bring back our live end-of-week shows this summer now that coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. Please bare with us as we reintroduce this awesome event.  If we cannot operate our end-of-week shows, we shall instead film performances of Early Explorers and Creative Crew and inviting you to all watch your children perform right from the comfort of your own home, as we upload videos to our social media platforms. Do make sure to mention to leaders if you do not want your children filmed for social media.

Arrival, drop-off & collection

If it is your first time visiting the venue we suggest you use a Sat Nav. You will see School’s Out banners on the main entrance of the long driveway to the school. The school operates a one-way traffic system, making for easy drop-off and collection routines. Follow School’s Out directional signs when you arrive.

  • Address: Ipswich High School, Woolverstone, Suffolk IP9 1AZ.
  • Early Explorers: Drop-off and collection at the pre-prep building. Follow the signs into the car park on the right-hand side then follow Early Explorers signs to the building.
  • Creative Crew: Drop-off and collection at the art rooms. Follow the signs into the car park on the right-hand side then follow signs to the art rooms.
  • Adrenaline Adventure: Drop-off and collection at the sports hall. Follow the signs along the road then park on the road by the entrance to the sports complex. Follow the signs to the sports hall. At collection, we will use walkie-talkies to send your child up from the sports hall.
  • Next Generation: Drop-off and collection at the sports hall no matter what course they’re assisting on. Here you will be given your uniform, name badge and working journal.

Early Bird and Extended Fun drop-off and collection at the sports hall for ALL children. Please park on the road by the sports complex. At collection, we will use walkie-talkies to send your child up from the sports hall.


We can’t wait to welcome your children to camp. Here are a few final reminders to make sure you are prepared to arrive at camp and details specific to your venue to make everything run smoothly. Above all, please ensure your child brings a positive attitude!


Full packed lunch every day, with food stored in a suitable container as we cannot provide refrigeration. Please pack enough for snacks during break times.

*We operate a NO NUTS policy at camp, so please do not pack anything containing nuts.

Tuck shop pocket money

We provide a School’s Out Tuck shop every day at our venues which have a selection of child-friendly snacks on offer for a small price. If your child wants to purchase from the tuck shop we suggest no more than £1 per day is needed. If in Early Explorers please provide this in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the front. This can be handed to your leaders at registration for safekeeping. If in older groups you are also welcome to pack this in a sealed envelope, otherwise this can be securely packed in their bag.

*If your child has any food allergies we ask these to be provided on the booking and any food items cleared with staff before being sold via the tuck shop.


To ensure children remain hydrated throughout the day. There are drinking water fountains at the venue.

*We sell personalised chilled water bottles at camp so your child will be encouraged to drink ice cold drinks throughout the day. Ask at reception for details.


Children should attend camp in comfy and practical clothing with suitable footwear (trainers or similar). Please provide a waterproof jacket and jumper for colder days.

*We understand accidents can happen at any time or children can get wet during water play activities or messy during cooking and painting, so it is always worth packing a small change of clothes in the bottom of your children’s bag, no matter how old they are.


In sunnier weather please ensure to apply sun protection to your child before they arrive at camp and also provide them with a bottle of sun lotion to reapply during the day (particularly after swimming). A sun cap/hat are also recommended.

*Camp essentials including t-shirts, caps and water bottles are available to purchase from camp at registration.


If your child needs to bring with them any medication, you will need to bring a completed medical form (found here). We have blank spares at camp if you require them. We also require the medication in a sealed and named bag/container. If prescribed by a Doctor, we also require a copy of the prescription to administer the medication. Please make sure any medication is in date.


Dependent on the venue you are attending you may need to bring fresh swimming kit every day in a bag labelled with your child’s name. This must include a costume and a towel, but swimming hats, armbands and goggles can be added if you want to.

IPSWICH: Indoor pool operates all year round so needed every day.

COLCHESTER: Outdoor pool operates during May Half Term and during Summer holidays only. Closed during stormy or colder weather.

WOODBRIDGE: No pool facility but water play activities including slip ‘n’ slide and super soakers take place during sunnier summer days so best to bring a kit every day during summer holidays in the event it is warm enough to operate.

BURY ST EDMUNDS: No pool facility but water play activities including water gauntlet and super soakers take place during sunnier summer days so best to bring a kit every day during summer holidays in the event it is warm enough to operate.


If your child does not want to swim we will provide an alternative activity for them or they can join in with another group. If your child is in the Early Explorers course or is not a competent swimmer then please pack them a suitable flotation device, e.g. armbands and/or floatation jacket.




For safeguarding purposes, we do request mobile phones are kept at home. If your child does need to arrive to camp with a mobile phone then please ensure this is turned off and kept in their bag or handed in to Course Leader at the start of the day and collected at the end of day.


Items are sometimes lost at camp so please keep valuables such as jewellery at home.


When booking with School’s Out Activities you have accepted our terms and conditions and behaviour policy. Please remind your children of the rules of camp to ensure all children have a great time. Thank you.

Check your Booking

Dates and Extended Sessions: Please take the time to check your booking by signing into the website and clicking My Bookings. Here you can:

  • Check the dates you’ve booked, move or add dates.
  • Add Early Bird and Extended Fun sessions.
  • Edit your and your child’s personal details, particularly contact telephone numbers.

Payment: The MY BOOKINGS section will also highlight if you have any remaining balance to pay on your booking. Please ensure the balance is paid off before the commencement of the course OR at your first-morning registration if paying by cash or by card on our payment machines.

*If paying by bank transfer or Childcare Vouchers, make sure to process your payment 10 working days before your first date at camp as these methods can take a while to reach us. We do require cleared payment of funds before your child arrives at camp. Staff reserve the right to refuse entry to camp if full balances have not been paid.



(8:00am – 9:00am)

For those early-starters School’s Out is open at 8:00am. We give your children a choice of activities to do in the morning to keep them occupied and make sure they are integrated into fun games. Meanwhile, you can still get to work on time! Cost: £5 per day or £20 for the whole week. Don’t worry if you haven’t booked in advance, you can add and pay online OR simply add and pay at morning registration.


(9:00am – 9:30am)

With Normal Drop-Off you can register your child anytime between 9am to 9:30am (but not before, as this will incur a £5 Early Bird fee). Please make sure you arrive before 9.30am so we can register your child in time for activities. If you know you are going to be later than 9:30am, please telephone your Camp Manager so they can make plans to let you into the school and take your child to their group. Drop-off takes place at day camp reception so follow the signs for your child’s camp.


(12:30pm – 1:30pm)

If you’re looking to pick your children up earlier than the normal collection time, we advise doing this during the lunchtime hour. Please advise the Course Leader at morning registration if you wish to pick your child up early.


(4:30pm – 5:00pm)

Please collect your child each day from their day camp area. Children will be let out at 4:30pm, but no earlier, as end-of-day checks need to be completed. All children will be signed out upon collection by an authorised person, who must provide the name of the child alongside their booking reference number. Please make sure if a third party is picking up, they are provided with the correct reference number as no child will be signed out without this password. If you do not collect your child by 5:00pm, we will add them to our Extended Fun register and £5 will be charged.


(5:00pm – 6:00pm)

For those parents working late and children who want that little bit more excitement at camp, we have Extended Fun sessions. Children come together in the SPORTS HALL where extra activities will take place. We will keep your children busy and happy until you can collect them (up until 6:00pm). Cost: £5 per day or £20 for the whole week. Don’t worry if you haven’t booked in advance, you can add and pay online or add and pay at morning registration. If plans change during the day and you need to add Extended Fun to your booking, please phone your Camp Manager.


(Past 6:00pm)

If you cannot pick your child up by 6:00pm, please phone the Camp Manager immediately so they can make plans to stay with your child. As two members of staff have to stay behind and the school has to remain open beyond their agreed time, there is a fee that will need to be paid using cash or card before leaving the site. FEE = £10 for every 15 minutes over 6:00pm, i.e. collecting at 6:16pm would incur a £20 charge.

School's Out Activities - Pick up timeline School's Out Activities - Pick up timeline

Contact a camp manager

If you need to contact us on the day of camp please use the following details.



Phone or text (during camp hours only)
07950 888093



Phone or text (during camp hours only)
07931 988478



Phone or text (during camp hours only)
07950 891718

Bury St Edmunds


Phone or text (during camp hours only)
07508 488977